Welcome to the Moray Field Club

Moray Field Club is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund

and TsiMoray

The Moray Field Club (est. 1971) is open to anyone who is interested in the geology, landscapes, flora and fauna, history and archaeology of Moray, and enjoys exploring the outdoors.

Each year we organise indoor meetings in the winter and early spring, and at least six local walks, or expeditions further afield, in the summer and early autumn.

We have indoor meetings in March and April and our first walk is in the middle of May.

We are always keen to attract new members. You can choose between an individual annual subscription of £12 or a family subscription of £18.

Click on About Moray Field Club for General Information and a copy of our Constitution, and on Programme for this year’s events.

Contact the secretary by email at morayfieldclub@gmail.com or by using the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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