Moray Best Kept Village Competition

The Best-Kept Village in Moray competition was founded in 1982 by the Moray Federation of Community Halls and Associations.

There were approximately 50 village halls in the area and about 20 entered the competition in three categories; Large Villages, Small Villages and Scattered Villages. In 2000 a Junior category was introduced for a group of young people or a school to present a feature in the village.

Judges from out side the area, recommended by the organisation now known as Beautiful Scotland, visited in August each year and committee members of the Moray Federation escorted them to the villages.

An awards ceremony was held in the Town Hall when trophies in the form of shields with plates attached were given to the winning villages.

When the competition was discontinued in 2012, the trophies were given to the villages which had won them the most times over the years.

Below are a selection of photographs of some of the villages taking part in these competitions. Click on an image to open a larger version.