In 2024 the Club has ninety members

The programme comprises indoor meetings with guest speakers during the winter months, and walks and expeditions in the summer

In 2024 the annual subscription remains at £12 per individual and £18 per household. Subscriptions can be paid by bank transfer, by cash at a meeting, or by cheque made payable to Moray Field Club and sent to the Treasurer (banking details and Treasurer’s address on request)

In 2023 and 2024, the Field Club received additional funding, for which we are very grateful. In 2023 we received a grant of £2000 from TsiMoray, and in 2024 we were awarded £4000 by the National lottery Community Fund. These generous grants have enabled us to buy equipment and insurance, provide first aid training, make donations to speakers and organisations, and subsidise the cost of transport.

Our indoor meetings are usually held in Elgin Town Hall – a mixture of afternoon and indoor meetings. These meetings are free for members; non-members pay a £5 entry fee.

Non-members are welcome at the indoor meetings. places on walks an visits for non-members will be subject to availability, and will incur a fee of £5 plus fees and fares and entry charges as required.

In addition to these activities, the Field Club publishes an annual bulletin, containing information about the year’s events, and articles of interest by local experts. The bulletin lapsed during 2020 and 2021, but was published again 2022 and 2023. It is distributed free to members.

The Club maintains an emailing list, and members are kept informed about activities on a regular basis. Those without email are contacted by phone or text.

The Walks

The Field Club is not primarily a walking group. The walks are not strenuous and rarely longer than 5 miles. A risk assessment is undertaken and distributed to members before each walk. When an outing involves transport by bus, the assembly point is Lossie Green Car Park in Elgin, with pick ups as required en route.

Participants are expected to use their own judgement before taking part in any activity, regarding distance, difficulty, length of outing etc. While the Moray Field Club takes every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of its members, no responsibility will be accepted for any personal injuries sustained, or for any damage to property caused by a club member whilst pursuing Club activities.

Data Protection

Moray Field Club has a data protection policy, in line with government guidelines. Click here to view the policy