Recent Records of Pine Martens in Moray

MFC Paper 06 by Ian Suttie 1975

1967:- One shot by a Mr. Sim at the western end of Monaughty Forest
near Burgie.
1969:- Late Spring - One shot by Mr. Sharp, Keeper in Darnaway Forest. Being almost dark at the time, the animal was mistaken for a squirrel. It has been stuffed and (according to Mr. Westie, Head Keeper), is in the possession of Mr. Flaughter, Cromdale, who runs a game exporting business.
1970:- Summer — One seen in a pine tree at the western end of Aldroughty farm policies; observer — Mr. Mason.
1970:- Autumn — Marten tracks clearly identified in Darnaway near locality Where animal was shot in previous year.
1972:- The Pursuit Of a terrified red squirrel by a marten was watched by Mr. J. Farquharson, Forester, and two others, in Monaughty Forest.
1974:- Summer — One seen by Miss Farquharson, of Alves, as it crossed a track in the Wood to the east of her house at Carsehill.

Pine martens are certainly present in Morayshire, but is there a breeding population - or have the above records been of vagrants from strongholds in the west? They are very mobile animals, one having covered fifteen miles in a night, but they are also very shy and largely nocturnal, so there are probably many more than the records suggested in the district.

Additional records, past or in the future, gratefully received.



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