An Evening at the Museum


Tuesday, 4th April at 7pm, Elgin Museum

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

After an initial introduction in the Museum Hall, the 22 members present were divided into two groups for a tour of the museum. Alison Wright, museum volunteer and convenor of the Museum management committee, explained the history of the museum and told the stories of some of the exhibits, putting the displays into context. It was clear that this oldest independent Scottish museum was still very relevant today, and continues to renew and research its collections. It has a strong focus on education and encourages school parties of all ages to engage with the displays – the Peruvian Mummy and the grandfather clock being particular favourites. Dave Longstaff, museum volunteer and member of the Geology group, delivered an enthusiastic presentation on the geological and fossil collection, revealing dicynodont (an animal much older than the dinosaurs) footprints with the use of a torch. Everyone agreed that the knowledge and enthusiasm of the volunteers made a big difference to their appreciation of what the museum has to offer. QR codes and folders of printed information enable further exploration of the exhibits. The evening ended with refreshments in the Museum Hall, and the opportunity to browse in the shop

A big thank you to Alison Wright, Dave Longstaff and Janet Trythall, who are also members of the Field Club, and to volunteers Roddy and Rod and Fiona for making the evening such a success. 

Our usual entrance fees were donated to the Moray Society along with a cash donation from the MFC. This was made possible by a generous award from tsimoray.(

The museum is now open from Wednesday to Sunday, 1-4pm, admission free. Please visit if you can – your support is appreciated. Find out more at

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