From Dallas Dhu to Marcassie Farm

Many thanks to Mike Grant who organised and led a very enjoyable afternoon walk last Wednesday, from Dallas Dhu distillery to Marcassie Farm near Rafford. The walking was easy via a short stretch of the Dava way, a country road and a farm track, and the weather stayed fine. It did not start to rain until we were all on our way home by car. Our destination – Naturally Useful, a company specialising in willow weaving, but also crafting products from wool and wood – was magical. It is based in a large barn which looks like a location from the Hobbit; inside is a treasure trove of woven willow baskets of all shapes and sizes, willow coffins hanging from the ceiling, wall hangings made from felted alpaca and wool. and hanks of yarn naturally dyed. The business is totally sustainable. They have their own plantation of different varieties of willow to provide a range of colours, which is harvested in the autumn. The alpaca and wool is supplied by local farms and the wood comes from surrounding woodland. Soon they will be planting a field with a variety of dye plants such as madder and woad. While we were there Hannah was making a basket, and Amy demonstrated the techniques used in felting. Twelve members took part in this visit and everyone enjoyed it

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